Vincent Littlehat


It was summer, in my grandmas garden, running around naked. There was an old bathtub outside filled with water, to cool our little sunheated bodies. Chasing roosters with a pitchfork, climbing trees, eating sweet cherries growing on them and chicken noodle soup (made by my aunt) when we really became hungry with play. Bread with butter sprinkled with sugar. I remember all those tastes very well.

Who are we? I believe we are all kids inside, animals with instincts and desires. One of them is to be the center of attention, good possibility for avoiding the oblivion. Sometimes it goes a bit further and we are looking for a spotlight. Being an artist/performer is one of a good ways to get one. Especially if you are honest with what you create.


Who am I? A model, but I wish I could call myself a performer. I’m here not to show that I have a pretty face and body. I hope I am able to show a little bit more.
I never feel anxious among people, I’m restless when I’m alone. That’s why I decided to be here, to entertain you, to please you. Modeling, collaborating with photographers and producing interesting pictures is quite fun and there are quick results. From few hours of shooting and little or no time of editing you get a content to share. The attention we get posting pictures on online social media is short and ephemeral. It’s not enough for me. Pretty picture… let’s scroll “Oh, Vincent, I had great time masturbating on your photos, don’t be offended, you are unique” — fan mail from my Tumblr inbox.

Photo by Korbinian Vogt Room

I’m achieving music now, I’m pretty much done with photography. I want to make videos for my songs though. Moving images, my favorite way to express and impress. It can happen on the cinema screen and in you head, when you sleep or when you go for a walk and just watch what’s going on around you. This is multidimensional, genuine way for me so my songs are telling stories, I want the audience to imagine them, not only enjoy the flow of the music. I’m inspired by Syd Barrett, Lou Reed, Marvin Pontiac, my imagination flies when I listen to their lyrics.

Photo by Pino Leone

I’m on the beginning of that path, still learning. I’m very lucky to cooperate with few talented musicians in London where I’m based at the moment. We are producing a lot, a lot of sketches which need to be shaped and recorded professionally. Soon.

I’m happy to share a poem/song, I made that one all by myself, that’s why the music is so basic. Forgive me and follow me if you find it interesting.

Photo by Raphael Haile

In the lab