A naked mind

with Milo Moiré

Bale, le 19 juin 2014. Milo Moire, lors de sa performance artistique visant a entrer nue a Art Basel. Photo: Sebastien Anex


Degree in psychology and model’s forms, from Germany, Milo Moiré not only bares her body

Do you have a personal definition for Art?

Art is transformation. It’s able to bring the plasticity in the daily human experience, in the freedom area of personal inner meaning. The moment in which man finds himself in this unconscious language of perceived images, he knows the art-transformation. What a feeling! What makes art so special is that from the bodily sensation is born a universal understanding that feeds it in its turn.

Tell us what happened the day of the tour in the subway:

Daily life is characterized by “human robots”. Can you break the stereotyped action? In the subway, I behaved like all the others, according to the script: get on board, stamp the ticket, sit down, get down. My naked skin clothed with words has failed to overturn the script of the people.

The Split Brain + The Script System

Do you ever feel that the intimacy of body is the real victim of human indifference?

In naked body, the ambivalent relationship between morality and nature reveals itself. The body is victim of this seemingly unsolvable paradox. Behind it, there is not only indifference. On the contrary, there is a fear of comparison with themselves. No meeting. Who has the nerve to do it? Instead of undress themselves (internally) you prefer to condemn others for their “nakedness”. Isn’t it ironic that in today’s society, the body is raised to a level of status symbol and, at the same time, the fact to completely show it is disliked? I see the naked human body worthless, as a projection of the approach towards themselves and the perception of their own vulnerability and strength. The naked man as a symbol of the lack of responsibility disguised as indifference or indignation.

© 2010 Scott Rudd

In one of the longest art exhibitions ever, Marina Abramovic stood motionless for seven hundred hours, fixing the space in front of her. What are your thoughts about it?

The artist is present is a brilliant artistic achievement in its most human form. People experience the meeting moment in a fully conscious. They are frozen alive, they are reflected, they are equal to themselves and at the same time open. All this happens without words and in a purely physical manner. When you sit down in front of the artist, time seems to stop, while, during all those hours, every cell in the body of Marina keeps on ticking like a clock. So she created an aware symbol for the time of a meeting in which, through its immense governing body, she is able to break the banality of everyday life.

Milo on the bus

It seems that some of your performances, despite the media attention , do not have amazed the public opinion so much. Is it a matter of habit or impassibility?

In a short-term viewpoint, it is more advisable to maintain the customary perspectives and don’t put yourself in the shoes of something unusual. The man loves comfort and consumption. Try watching a porn movie and to recognize the artistic in it, or to uncover something perverse in normality! Moralizing sets limits. How would be instead creating a new perspective, even if only for a split second? Therefore, at least potentially, you could create something new. It takes more courage to open your hand rather than point your finger at everyone.

Do you have some project ideas that you think too “excessive” to be realized?

Yes, perhaps?

Milo by the way 3

Is there a memory of your childhood you’re very attached to?

Since I was able to think, I have always been interested in unusual things. I liked to watch, I was a very introverted child. In every school there are the so-called losers, I was exactly interested in these children. For me they were like a rainbow, the rise from the earthly to the heavenly dimension. When I started going to school, the teacher tried to teach me how you hold “properly” a pen with your thumb and forefinger. Even if the other twenty classmates were holding the pen between his fingers exactly that way, it seemed wrong to me, and so I developed my own technique.

Why we are all so in search of fame?

Nobody wants to be insignificant. Each carries within himself a little narcissistic, whose expression degree varies from person to person. Perhaps the reason lies in the Darwinian principle of “the survival of the fittest”. Man as a social being is subject to the approval of others. The pursuit of fame has always been there, it was just more local and slower. The “social globalization” of the Internet facilitates and speeds up the possibility of this fame through anonymity. As the fame often comes quickly, it can just as quickly vanish if there is no continuity and authenticity behind.

Milo in the museum

Your point of view about the following quotes by Mr. Sigmund Freud:

1) Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise:

I even see it as necessary for its development.

2) The great question that has never been answered, and which I have not yet been able to answer, despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, is “What does a woman want”?

To understand the statements of Freud it must take into account the context of time. His vision of the woman was characterized unilaterally and is now considered outdated. I think the question should be: “What does a human being want?” However, I must admit with a smile that I have sometimes felt even address this question from my boyfriend.


Milo by the way 4



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