with Luis Quiles


Censors tend to do what only psychotics do: they confuse fantasy with reality

David Cronenberg

Do you think there is nothing to save in censorship?

Not to me. I would be free to choose whether to see or not some thing. If I’m not interested, I could still close my eyes. Censorship is like a lie, a lie to the people, and I don’t like it. I always preferred the rawness of the truth.

How much importance takes provocation today in attracting attention to your message?

I think it’s a personal choice, in every work: looking for applause or, more simply, trying to make people think. Provocation is a way to disturb, offend and irritate some people, but also a way to stir the conscience. Most of the time I’m not looking for it, it’s just my way of expressing myself, and many people are so easy to provoke…


Who are the real “sex slaves”?

All those who are forced to have sex, of course, but perhaps also those who are sex addicts.

Limits between art and pornography:

There are no limits.

The real “Predator” of the genitals:

Our prejudices about sex. We only hide our genitals as monsters in a cave.


Where you can still find beauty in a world overrun by zombies?

In many places. In art, for example. Many times things are just good or bad to our eyes.

You seem to have a passion for video games. Do you think, a bit like sex, the Nintendo is closely related to a creative spirit?

Only about classic video games, I feel lost with the new ones. I like to turn “almost” all in a sexual fetish. The Nintendo is just one of millions of topics which I keep in my mind.

Close Friends + I belong to You

Do you think the term “phobia” is the most appropriate to define a certain way of dealing with different sexualities?

I don’t think it’s correct. That’s not fear, but hatred. Many times we use the dictionary in the wrong way, not only in this case.

The social network: a good thing or a trap for inspiration?

I’m not a lover of technology, but the world is changing and we must learn to live. In any case, it’s not necessary to become addicted and forget traditional things.

The most suitable soundtrack for your work:



Little Prince