The dark side of fairy tales

with Aron Wiesenfeld


There’s a girl in white underwear who overcomes an edge to get back on the roadway. She’s the girl of Flood: a victim or a survivor?

A survivor, I think, but she could be both. It’s up to the viewer to decide. I hope someone looking at my paintings will find their own stories.

What about the “dark side” of your fairy characters?

There are two sides to everything: the visible and the invisible. The invisible is vastly larger, but it’s also indescribable. The same is true of a person: she carries a lifetime of buried events and thoughts, as well as genetic material with billions of years of history. That “dark side” is beyond the reach of words, but an artwork can at least suggest its existence. I think that’s what is meant by a “three dimensional character”, though a more appropriate name would be “infinitely dimensional character”.

How much does madness have to do with illumination?

Madness, as I understand, is the opposite of illumination. Truly mentally ill people think very chaotically. I think your question suggests that some really visionary people have been labeled insane because of their inability or unwillingness to follow laws. However, I believe that is the exception. Illumination is most often achieved through a dedicated program of self discipline.

Do you think you have to stay away from the darkness of a tunnel or it’s always necessary going into it?

It’s better to not go in, and more useful. Literally walking in would defeat the symbolic usefulness of the dark tunnel.

Your Snowbed has to do with the death, or rather with the dream?

The dream.

We have seen an inedited bald representation of Chris McCandless. Who is this man for you?

The baldness represents the ascetic aspect of him. I admired him. He made a life that liberated him, but the price he paid was loneliness.

Do you think art should have a purpose, or you just have to be good?

If it’s good, it serves a purpose of some sort, by definition. I can’t think of any good art that doesn’t have a purpose. On the other hand, purposeful art can be very bad.

The social network: a good thing or a trap for inspiration?

For me it’s raised questions like, do I need an avalanche of imagery? Can I process and use so much imagery? Does it devalue imagery? More than ever, I have to filter. Images come so fast I find myself trusting my instantaneous reactions more. I don’t know if that’s good or not.

Do you think the increase in the number of people devoted to art corresponds to an increase in sensitivity in the world?

It’s a good question, but I don’t know the answer.

One of the most over-used words in our days is “crisis.” How would you paint it?

Psychological crisis is the most widespread type, at least in the first world. I would find metaphors and symbols to paint it.

What’s the right soundtrack for your paintings?

I’d have to say silence would be the best soundtrack.


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