with Fernando Vicente


About one of your works series, what do you mean by “vanitas”?

Vanitas is the classic theme of Baroque on frugality of life, I try to update it and mix it with the new use given to vanity, Glamour and fashion magazines.

Do you think art should have a purpose, or you just have to be good?

In principle I believe that art should be good, of course if there is a purpose behind it magnifies but not always necessary to see it.

Portada Etica


Human body: an ideal way to express every mood or, simply, one of the subjects still very popular?

I think it’s a classic theme of the painting and it is true that in recent years is getting more importance in the art.

Have we really forgotten that we are made of flesh and bones, that sooner or later we will leave this place, or we do everything to not think about it?

I think so. We had forgotten it, and I think our inside is still a mystery to discover.

Your relation with death…

I do not think about death when working on the “Vanitas”, but in life and the inner life.

Vicente Com

What drives an artist to portray celebrities?

As I said, the relationship with the glamor, the futility of fame.

Do you think there is a reason if, despite the passing of years, celebrities are more or less the same?

I get the feeling that the new celebrities, take less and less glamorous than the old, Fame, today, is ephemeral.

Can you keep separate the duties of everyday life from the duties of art, or you don’t need it?

In my life’s all about my work, I spend many hours in the studio, and some largely conditions the other.

One of the most present word in our life is “crisis”: how would you paint it?

As a black cloud over us, hopefully, to move away soon.