Sleep Party People

with Brian Batz


By the glow of an island in Scandinavia, the electro-fairytale project by Brian Batz

What kind of party is yours?

It’s this kind of party which compliments the description of the music very well. Yeah it’s a party where it’s okay to fall asleep and crash on the sofa. It’s powerful and yet pretty dreamy. And it’s okay to be an outsider for once…

Why the bunnies?

After recording the first two tracks for the debut album I decided to seek for a suiting picture for the two songs and the Sleep Party People vocal reminded me of a singing bunny. It’s weird, I know, but when I created the vocal sound I really thought that it sounded like a bunny who loved to sing songs. So I googled “bunny”, “mask” and I think “creepy” as well and I found the picture which is used as the front cover of my debut album. I decided if I where to play live with the project I would wear the same bunnymask as the boy who’s on the front cover. I wanted to take the visual part even further than to just wear the regular daily clothing.

Nothing to do with the “Bunny Suicide” (also about those who consider “depressing”, some kinds of music)?

No, not at all. I don’t want anyone to commit suicide. Not even the bunnies. Let’s focus on the happy thoughts.

maschera coniglio creepy

It is a sound of a spring garden, or rather of a gloomy day in the suburbs?

It’s both. I think my music fits all kinds of environments and moods. The debut album sounds like the winter in Denmark and the second album sounds like the summer in Denmark. So if you in a good mood I recommend you to put on the latest album.

How much of Denmark is in your dreamy atmosphere? “Something rotten” in there (quote: Shakespeare’s Hamlet)?

Denmark is a huge inspiration. I was born on a very small island called Bornholm which is placed south of Sweden and this island is maybe the most beautiful part of Denmark. The nature and the fact that it’s surrounded by water makes the feel of it very special and unique. I’ve always been inspired by the nature, the living of the suburbs, the easy living and the calm-ness. You know the felling of having all the time in the world. That’s wonderful. Now I live in Copenhagen and the feel is way different than the feel on Bornholm and in a way a different inspiration to me. Here in Copenhagen I’m surrounded by friends who’s really talented and creative so I always feel very grateful and inspired when I’m in these kinds of frames. I also have my recording studio in Copenhagen and here I spend most of my time mixing and producing my own stuff but also collaborating with other danish artists. It’s really cool and I love every bit of it.

Do you think that networking is a good thing or a trap for inspiration?

It’s always good to network as long as you only do it because you want to. But it’s way more important to remember to write and work on new music. If you think it’s funnier to network, then I think you should reconsider your musical investment and become a manager or recordlabel dude instead. Music first and networking afterwards.


Someone seems more and more captured by hypnotic rhythms, anxieties and fears. Someone else seems rather lost in a state of innocence and alienation: who’s really “not human at all” ?

I think every person once in their life felt the fact that they didn’t feel anything at all emotionally. You know like when you’re in a relationship and your partner is head over heels in love in you and you don’t feel the same at all and you think something’s wrong with you. You feel alienated and cold. It’s a frightening and scary feeling. But I guess that’s just a part of being human. And becoming aware of you not feeling anything is a good thing if you ask. It’s important to know yourself and know that these mind-fucks about you not feeling human is a phase and a period of time and that it will go away again after you’ve taken the right decisions in life you’ll become happier and more satisfied in general. Been there and done that.

Do you believe that, in the end, will be really the beauty, as Prince Miškin “the idiot” says — quote Dostoevskij —, to save the world?

Well, I don’t know. I don’t really bother myself by wondering on things like this. I have to keep focus on the present moment and not think of the end of the world. That’s too depressing, man.

Can we hope to have your “bedroom” soon, here in Italy?

Hopefully, yes. I love Italy and would love to play there sometime soon. Very soon.



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