• The Eraser

    Arrested and tortured for 80 days, already in 2009, from 2011-2012, Fadi Abou Hassan, aka FadiToOn, was summoned to the [...]
  • Choose Art

    As one of the finest retouchers we’ve seen so far, Mehmet Geren chose art icons to express his creative universe and [...]
  • Victorian Mature

    It’s not such a mystery, we’re really living a new middle age of thought and action. And what is happening to [...]
  • Moments from above

    An important determinant in Katrin Korfmann’s work are observations of specific public places, made visible through the [...]
  • Small Worlds

    A multi-storied apartment building with gray-beige stucco: the epitome of lower middle-class tristesse. A throw rug and a [...]

Forever 18

Our body can be a wonderful canvas, even if subject to a deterioration that no makeover can bring back to a new life — despite desperate and sometimes grotesque attempts. [...]

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  • By approaching photography with the sensibility of a sociologist, Gregg Segal explores our culture, identity, memory, behavior, roles, beliefs, and values. Based in [...]
  • Known for lush and meticulously painted riffs on Old Masters that feature pop culture icons of the past, Isabel Samaras’ ribald images are woven with references to classic [...]
  • Welcome to an imaginary world where animals go to work, tyrants reveal a difficult adolescence and femme fatales have makeup problems. This shifted vision of the universe in [...]
  • Generally thought to depict the excerpt “God created man in His own image, etc.,“ that of Michelangelo is perhaps the best known fresco painting of all time. [...]
  • Travel, music, literature, film, personal interactions with friends and artworks all around. As for most creative minds, sometimes inspiration is not so obvious and comes [...]
  • In 1986, artist Tyree Guyton returned to Heidelberg, the street where he grew up on Detroit’s East Side, Michigan, and found it in shambles, riddled with drugs and [...]
  •   Born in a place where things are never how they look. Where you have to do things with the proper moderation and say words without telling them [...]
  • After nearly ten years of working in an office, two ulcers and a haemorrhage fate had put Petya Konstantinova on a crossroad and made her reconsider if she was on the right [...]