• Journey to Uncertainty

    Since the 1950s, a man working studio taken photographs in the streets of Hong Kong, documenting the intriguing life around [...]
  • Living Wallpaper

    Commissioned by Publicis — a team which share a lift, a café, a bike rack and a philosophy —, illustrator Katie Scott [...]
  • Ego Erectus

    Using the Mario Mankey name, a Valencia-born artist tries to manifest the underlying contradictions between human and [...]
  • Planet Office

    Dentist by profession, Sara Shakeel seems to spend more time indulging planets and crazy diamonds of a new collage than [...]
  • Where’s your head at?

    Do you think you could always tell what is real and what is not, maybe being in a hurry through the frenzy of your city? And [...]


Dare is not about being a rebel, it’s about being honest with yourself Dare to have an opinion. Dare to make mistakes Dare to love. Dare to stand behind your beliefs Dare [...]

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  • Urban illusions, still lifes and scents of women, this is the essence of the Evgeny Kornienko’s universe, who manages to catch the sensuality of every form, with his [...]
  • The summer of 1969, that of Woodstock, Neil Armstrong, John and Yoko, Janis Joplin, Charles Manson, Vietnam War Protests, Stonewall Riots, Jimi Hendrix… And the summer [...]
  • A dancer is waiting for her train, early evening, while a man on the same platform starts to take photographs of her. They’re on Queens Boulevard, NYC, the dancer is [...]
  • As enigmatic as his realistic and sometimes disturbing creatures, Ron Mueck commands an uncanny ability to amaze with his obsessive level of surface detail and intense [...]
  • The human being invented by Jean-Louis Corby seems to lead a so asexual and “empty” existence. It is represented in its duplicity, strength, subtlety, lack of [...]
  • As in a childhood nightmare — well recalled in Michel Gondry’s The Science of Sleep — limbs in Gerardo Feldstein’s tiny figures expand dramatically, leaving [...]
  • A cyberpunk night looming from all over corners of town, feels like it may never end. This is the atmosphere of Alexander Mandradjiev’s art, a concept designer, [...]
  • Dani Purper is a landscape architect, illustrator and Patchwork facilitator. Illustration has been part of her life for many years, she always liked to draw and, with time, [...]
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