• Choose Art

    As one of the finest retouchers we’ve seen so far, Mehmet Geren chose art icons to express his creative universe and [...]
  • Victorian Mature

    It’s not such a mystery, we’re really living a new middle age of thought and action. And what is happening to [...]
  • Moments from above

    An important determinant in Katrin Korfmann’s work are observations of specific public places, made visible through the [...]
  • Small Worlds

    A multi-storied apartment building with gray-beige stucco: the epitome of lower middle-class tristesse. A throw rug and a [...]
  • Too Daring

    It’s been nearly a century since the Austrian painter Egon Schiele died, but his art — charged with erotic energy and [...]
  • Pop Space

    Are you ready for a new space vision of things you’ve seen over and over again? If your mind is like a sponge, full of [...]

World’s Greatest Troll

Just one year ago, former Walt Disney sculptor Chuck Williams turned to Kickstarter in order to fund a large number of factory made vinyl Donald Trump Troll dolls. The [...]

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  • Maybe this is no longer a time for love and relationships, our life’s got them. No more time for smiling and sappy things, for being kids again. And yet, someone still [...]
  • Thought-provoking and often-emotional, Magnus Gjoen’s art offers a modern spin on old masterpieces or manipulates powerful and strong objects into something fragile yet [...]
  • “There are times in our lives when we must make choices based more on instinct than intellect. Often, the soul recognizes its choice before the rational mind has time to [...]
  • Beauty and miseries of the human/animal soul in a digital-romantic key. The female figure as the primary source of inspiration, with all its irresistible sensuality of forms [...]
  • Born in Almería, Spain, in the wonderful Andalusia surrounded by the Mediterranean, Mar Cantón aka Kiki learnt about art by creating from feelings and dreams that are born [...]
  • “God ’breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living being.’ Then, in addition to his body and soul, he gained the life-giving spirit. There [...]
  • You know, we don’t believe in religions and their stories, but rather in a pure primal religious behaviour, something that has to do with a personal choice and that [...]
  • Founded in 2001, further to the forefront of photo-realistic illustration, Illusion became master of all print expertise and evolved into a CGI Studio — Computer Generated [...]
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