• Pop Space

    Are you ready for a new space vision of things you’ve seen over and over again? If your mind is like a sponge, full of [...]
  • Journey to Uncertainty

    Since the 1950s, a man working studio taken photographs in the streets of Hong Kong, documenting the intriguing life around [...]
  • Living Wallpaper

    Commissioned by Publicis — a team which share a lift, a café, a bike rack and a philosophy —, illustrator Katie Scott [...]
  • Ego Erectus

    Using the Mario Mankey name, a Valencia-born artist tries to manifest the underlying contradictions between human and [...]
  • Planet Office

    Dentist by profession, Sara Shakeel seems to spend more time indulging planets and crazy diamonds of a new collage than [...]

Dreaming Muses

There is no place for grief in a house which serves the Muse Conrad Roset spent the first part of his 29 years in Terrassa, his native city, among boxes of crayons, felt-tip [...]

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  • “Wtf. Worst cartoons ever!” “I don’t understand this new illustration trend that’s… just bad pen drawings… at least put effort into things not pen doodles” [...]
  • Just with a little help from her friend and photographer, Tom Moore, who takes the poses, american painter Lee Price paints the deeper aspects of feminine nature, by focusing [...]
  • When it came time to complete her M.F.A. thesis, Sarah Weaver decided to explore iconography as most pop art is about symbols and why they’re so important to us. Through [...]
  • After the mega success of the 1975 bash with Pink Floyd as headliners, in 1976 veteran promoter Frederick “Freddy” Bannister bet big on the biggest band of the [...]
  • How much passion and faith it takes to achieve certain goals? How much patience? An important answer comes once again from photography and, in particular, from the projects [...]
  • For a few days, in the streets of the cities of Genova and Turin, Italy there are robots in place of traffic lights and road signs. All this happens overnight. The [...]
  • Women are lucky, they get to have the only organ in the human body dedicated exclusively for pleasure: the clitoris! In this humorous and instructive animated documentary by [...]
  • You have to display creativity at every opportunity, and you have to create something every single day to create traction Inspired or not, you have to keep creating Artist, [...]
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