• Mandala Visions

    Just by using the natural materials he finds in forests, parks, and beaches near his home in Yorkshire, England, James Brunt [...]
  • Choose Art

    As one of the finest retouchers we’ve seen so far, Mehmet Geren chose art icons to express his creative universe and [...]
  • Victorian Mature

    It’s not such a mystery, we’re really living a new middle age of thought and action. And what is happening to [...]
  • Moments from above

    An important determinant in Katrin Korfmann’s work are observations of specific public places, made visible through the [...]

Insulted by Hand

They drink tea every bloody day and have a cat army. They work on a 45 day turnaround and hate everyone, “but not you though, dear.” Which means that if you are [...]

Inserisci email

  • Asked why Robert Leighton creates cartoons and puzzles, two apparently different kinds of work, he replied: “I think a puzzle is like a cartoon, like a joke, because [...]
  • The stories and inspiration behind Andrea Kowch’s paintings “stem from life’s emotions and experiences, resulting in narrative, allegorical imagery that [...]
  • Nothing but a comic about life and dream that might be useful for a variety of reasons, as in the case of a relationship where farting is still an embarrassment, especially [...]
  • “Art, photography, design and disappointment,” this is what you’ll find in the world of Peter Nidzgorski, called This isn’t Happiness™. Peter is well [...]
  • Best known for painting provocative pulp and detective novel covers which often depict women seductively posed in various states of undress, Robert McGinnis illustrated this [...]
  • Born in 1967, in Pakistan, to a Lebanese mother and a Swiss father, Patrick Chappatte was raised in Singapore and Geneva, and began to work for Swiss newspapers before moving [...]
  • During her fulfilling career, Becky Barnicoat dealt with issues such as “Secret Things Most Girls Do In The Bathroom But Don’t Talk About”, “Pretty [...]
  • The foundation of Oliver “Ler” Marinkoski‘s visual inspiration seems to come straight from a 1980 science-fiction horror movie, Altered States, when the main [...]