• Victorian Mature

    It’s not such a mystery, we’re really living a new middle age of thought and action. And what is happening to [...]
  • Moments from above

    An important determinant in Katrin Korfmann’s work are observations of specific public places, made visible through the [...]
  • Small Worlds

    A multi-storied apartment building with gray-beige stucco: the epitome of lower middle-class tristesse. A throw rug and a [...]
  • Too Daring

    It’s been nearly a century since the Austrian painter Egon Schiele died, but his art — charged with erotic energy and [...]
  • Pop Space

    Are you ready for a new space vision of things you’ve seen over and over again? If your mind is like a sponge, full of [...]
  • Journey to Uncertainty

    Since the 1950s, a man working studio taken photographs in the streets of Hong Kong, documenting the intriguing life around [...]

The Art of Reading

For years Lawrence Schwartzwald worked in restaurants primarily to free up his time to be able to read and attend literary events and poetry readings in the evenings. Reading [...]

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  • Joshua Barkman spends all day inside the natural world. In hyporeality, which occurs in his head, he is in a dense forest lying face-down in a heap of moss. Most of his adult [...]
  • The characters created by Marion Fayolle just need to interact with each other, not quite in so many words. When she writes some of her stories, Marion doesn’t really [...]
  • Much of the art Dorian Vallejo creates, engages a fascination he has with several ideas that over lap both philosophically and aesthetically. He’s interested in the [...]
  • No one will ever peek in or bother you, in this place. There will always be a corner where you can take refuge with your book, all alone. This is the final frontier of [...]
  • Often classified as part of the new romantic movement, the visions by Courtney Brooke focus on the local in an ever-globalizing world, just as part of the collective memory. [...]
  • Populated with masks and skeletons, James Ensor’s macabre atmospheres are morbid commentaries on the human condition, his hometown of Ostend on the North Sea, Belgian [...]
  • Although she was probably the most accomplished woman painter after the Impressionists, Marianne Stokes is basically omitted from most accounts of women artists. She mastered [...]
  • O’Hara uses dark slides, film rolls, canisters and memory-cards that hold very few images, mainly thirty-six. Hence the name of her out-of-hours assembling’s. [...]
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